• Profile

    Ti Group is a third-party service company specializing in quality, health, safety, environment and sustainable development, providing comprehensive inspection, testing, certification, calibration and other technical services.We have more than 30 testing labs and more than 50 branches so that our service network covers the whole China.

    Ti Group BALUN technology was founded in Shenzhen in 2013, which is the department of Ti Testing and Certification Group. It is oriented to telecommunications, Internet of things, new energy and their cross fields. It also provides one-stop solutions to customers in testing and certification requirements.

    We have a forward-looking layout testing items including item compatibility, radio frequency, communication protocol, antenna radiation, radiation impact, wireless transmission and Internet of things. We also consulting, certification and system integration solutions covering R&D and production, which widely serve the telecommunications and wireless, consumer electronics, power facilities, energy storage, automotive electronics and other industries, that help customers continuously improve. We help our customers bring forth the new, ensure that their products meet the requirements of domestic and foreign regulations, standards and certification and break through the trade technical barriers of different countries or regions, and accelerate the customers' products to enter the global market.

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    • We hope that through our testing services, we can help customers avoid risks, continuously improve products, achieve outstanding development, and promote the transfer of trust around the world. We are also determined to become a leading enterprise with excellent service, continuous innovation and leapfrog development in industry.

      Our values are divided into four parts, namely: customer-centered, persistent struggle, living up to the trust of customers, and embracing the changes of the time. 

      We maintain an objective and fair attitude to work, to provide customers with quality services to meet the needs of customers, and obtain long-term recognition of customers. We face the future with a positive and optimistic attitude, dare to undertake the heavy task of work, overcome difficulties with a firm attitude, and are unswerving in achieving our goals. We work down-to-earth, not eager for quick success and instant benefit, bear in mind our responsibilities, and win the trust of customers and society with professional services.It is our attitude and ability to keep learning, keep innovating, open communication and achieve all-win situation.

    • Vision

      Ti Group strives to become a leading company in the industry with outstanding service, continuous innovation and leap-forward development.

    • Mission

      Ti Group strives to become a leading company in the industry with outstanding service, continuous innovation and leap-forward development.

    • Values

      Customer Centric, Trustworthy, Persist and Persevere, Embrace Change

      Provide excellent services to customers, keep objective and impatiality, continuously meet customer needs and obtain long-term customer recognition.

      Down-to-earth work, not eager for quick success, bear in mind the responsibility, win the trust of customers and social community with professional services for a long time.

       Look forward to the future with optimism, take on responsibilities bravely, overcome difficulties with perseverance and achieve goals unswervingly.

      Continuous learning, constant innovation, open to create win-win cooperation and initiative for change are not only our attitude but also our ability.