Ti Group BALUN TECHNOLOGYTi Group | Updated: 2022-08-31

Any applications granted after August 25,2022 that do not contain the proper antenna information will be dismissed.

This email is to bring to your attention that while the FCC has been advising test labs and TCBs to make sure part 15 applications includes antenna gain data sheets and/or test reports, it is evident by recent audits that this information is being omitted.

We are still finding reports that state,"antenna gain information is declared by the manufacturer", with no other supporting information. As we have re-iterated during the last TCB workshop, this statement will not suffice.

 All part 15 applications will need to show how the antenna gain was derived either from a manufacturer data sheet or a measurement. Where the gain of the antenna is inherently accounted for as a result of the measurement, such as field strength measurements on a part 15.249 or 15.231 device, so the gain does not necessarily need to be verified. However, enough information regarding the construction of the antenna shall be provided. Such information maybe photographs,length of wire antenna etc.

The antenna gain information shall be made public(not confidential). Any proprietary information such as construction maybe stripped from the gain information report and held confidential. The main antenna information we require is the maximum gain of the antenna for the band of operation. This information must be provided as a data sheet or a measurement report.

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