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    Professional and meticulous consulting services for customers, and provides convenient legal, information retrieval as well as professional exchange platform to help customers to plan their business.


  • Lab Accreditation Counseling

    Evaluate the capability of enterprise's lab, provide a complete solution, assists the enterprise to acquire the qualification of ISO17025 according to the actual situation.

  • Factory Inspection Counseling

    Ti Group BALUN technology provides professional consulting and counseling services to assist factories to improve their QA system, establish the ability of quality assurance which meets the certification requirements, and strive to pass the factory inspection smoothly at one time.

  • Propaganda & Interpretation of Standards

    Professional answer to regulatory requirements, standard documents and test specifications for target markets, regular symposiums and seminars, one-to-one consultations, official news via website, Wechat, Microblog etc.

  • Standard development & revision

    Ti Group BALUN provides consulting services for enterprise standard development and revision, formulates the specifical standards for products in accordance with relevant regulations, and records them.


    Self or co-developed test and measurement system integration solutions, test tooling, standard materials for peers and enterpriseds in need to share the innovative results.


BALUN Technology is a company with the ability of test system integration, test software design, test component development and so on.


    Test system integration, software design, and test component development constitute the ability of BALUN. With the long-term accumulation and deep analysis of testing technology, standards and system principles, BALUN has developed BL410_R RF test system, BL410_E EMI test system, SU319F Filter unit and SU319 Switch unit etc.

    BALUN's R&D achievements are widely used in construction of own labs, and have been recognized by many domestic and foreign institutions. At the same time, BALUN also exports the R&D products to manufactures and colleagues. So far, BALUN has sole out over 10 systems.

    In standard materials, BALUN can provides the human tissue simulation fluid for SAR testing according to international standards, covering 300MHz to 6GHz frequency band, and the specifications fully compliance with IEEE 1528, FCC 447498 D01 and IEC 62209-1/-2, it can be widely used in international and domestic testing & certification insititutions and the production andR&D of enterprises.


    Professional testing enviroment and testing methods for R&D enterprises, assists in product retification, improves product quality, shorten R&D cycle and improves product comepitiveness.


The Labs are the foundation of BALUN, and a dream hub for connecting markets, customers and consumers

BALUN has strong testing facility, providing one-stop testing services for customers. BALUN has found EMC lab, Wireless communication lab, electronic lab, power & Energy lab, automotive electronics lab etc. Break down into specific labs, there are EMC lab, EMS lab, Telecom RF/Protocol lab, OTA/ANTENNA lab, SRD lab, Bluetooth lab, SAR/HAC lab, Safety lab, Battery & reliability lab, New energy lab, Power lab, Automotive electronics lab etc.

  • EMC Lab

  • Wireless Communication LAB

  • Safety LAB

  • Power & Battery LAB


    Professional certification services for manufactures, one-stop solutions to certification and technical barriers to trade, and ensures a global listing schedule for products.


BALUN owns more than 10 years of certification experience which can help customers tosolve the certification issues before their productsgoes on sale in destination market, through over 80 countries or regions certification network around the world.

Besides the regulatory certification, BALUN also provide the patent & conformance certification services for the customers, such as CB, BQB, Wi-Fi, Qi, NFC, GCF, PTCRB etc. The accreditations of BALUN ensuresthe reports issued by BALUN can bewidely used in global certification services, which can shorten the certification cycle, and enhance product competitiveness.


  • European

  • Latin American

  • Africa、Mid-East & CIS

  • South & Southeast Asia

  • West Asia & Australia


ETL,IEEE 1725,CEC, Energy
Star,FDA,Prop65, CSPC, NRTL,CSA,